Luigi Aldini


Instead of making the scarf in the leading edge we made the scarf on the "open" side of the wing. Following the suggestion of Bill Russell, we added another poly-flo tubing for the pitot system (just in case that one would have some troubles.) The pitot tube is located close to the wing's tip, like the production Falcos.



Painting the inside of the wing for moisture protection is an important job, and we had the luck to have the help of my wife Gemma. She is also an artist since she paints -- she's a teacher at the school of art.



We also have the big help of Graziella Meloni, tv journalist and director for the State's television. She's a family friend and when has some time comes to help us; yes we are very lucky! Graziella is also a glider pilot.

For painting we used an epoxy product, developed for marine applications.



Clamping the wing skin to the leading edge during gluing.



One wing skinned.




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