George Richards
Airline Pilot

Giovanni Nustrini and George Richards


My Falco is now at Ardmore (the local GA airfield) and parked in the same spot that Luciano Nustrini used to park his Falco. His son Giovanni owns the hangar so it didn't take much persuading to get the spot.

Attached is a picture of myself, Giovanni and the Falco after the move.

I know I've been bloody slow but I've got big plans for next year. I've just bought the engine (IO-320-B1A) from Aussie which should arrive in the new year. Around March some time I hope to buy a lot from you to get things moving along despite a terrible exchange rate..

Anyhow.. Merry Xmas again.. and have a great New Year

George Richards



George now has the cowling and canopy going on.




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