Andrea in Sal Island

Leg 2. Seville, Spain to Sal Island, Capo Verde, Senegal

Friday, June 30,2000. 3:00 PM. Andrea just called. He landed at Sal Island, Isla Verde, after 12 hours and 5 minutes of flight.

He took off from Seville at 7:56 AM with full fuel. With the large amount of fuel, Andrea said the aircraft was difficult to fly for the first two hours, and he doesn't plan to put that much full in the plane again.

The flight conditions were hazy almost all the way at his cruising altitude of 7,500 feet, and the OAT was 89 degrees F. Andrea reports there was no wind.

Andrea drank only one bottle of water on the flight (too busy flying) and landed with his front tank full plus about 80 liters left in one of the cockpit ferry tanks.

The next leg will be to Brazil, which is a flight of about ten hours. Andrea has permission to land at San Fernando de Noronha, about 300 miles from Recife, for a rest and fuel stop.

Andrea plans to leave from Brazil as soon as weather permits. There are no clouds over the Atlantic today, which is unheard of, so Andrea may leave sooner than planned.

Andrea was tired and happy.

Alfred Scott



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