Topo Magic Wand Tool
This tool lets you select topo point objects by a range of point numbers or Z heights.

You make these choices in the tool's dialog.

Then, after you make the selection, the tool's cursor will show you the range.


Z Move Tool
This tool allows you to move the Z height of objects up or down.

To use, click on the object and then drag up or down.


Slope Offset Tool
This tool allows you to duplicate and move an object with a Z height to a new location and to change the Z height on the new object to a specified slope.

In the dialog, you set the slope and whether it is an up or down slope.

To use the tool, click on an object in the drawing with a Z height and drag the duplicate object to a new location. The new object will have a new Z height as calculated by the specified slope.

Specify a slope in the dialog, say 10% up or down, then click on any object with a Z value and drag to a new location in the drawing. The tool duplicates the object (just like the Super Arrow tool) and moves it to a new location and it changes the Z value of the new object to match the specified up or down slope.


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