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WildTools 10.1.2 Update

WildTools 10.6 Beta Testing

Welcome     Overview     Basic Concepts     OpenClip     Favorite Lines

Super Arrow     Camera     Selection     
Transformation Tools     Linear     Radial     Swirl     Transform Points
Text     Balloon Text     Leader Line
Points     Lines    Rectangles     Picture Frame     Circles & Ellipses     Arcs     Polygons
Pen     Splines     Wavy Lines     Brackets
Symbols     Markers     Rubber Stamp     Linear Patterning     Area Patterning
Gridline     Section Lines     Break Lines     Clouds
Parallel Offsets     Blends     Join     Bisector Line     Pivot Line     Minimum Distance Line
Trimming    Fillet     Extension Arc     Joggle     Chamfer
Needle     Gradient Fill     Style Tools     Find Layer     Magician     Flood
Delete     Tornado     Reverse     Divide     Scale     Baseline Tools

Dimension Tools
Overview     Measure     Protractor     Extension Line     Wall Centerline
Stack Guideline     Pitch     Area     Dimension Lines     Datum     Dimension Point     Radius & Diameter
Dimension Arcs     Nibble     Date Stamp     Count     Tolerance Needle     Dimension Text Needle

WildTools 3D
Overview     Basic Concepts     Shear/Unshear     Constraints & Rotations
Linear Transformation     Rotation     Axial Rotation
Points     Lines & Rectangles     Circles & Arcs     Polygons & Curves
Symbols & Markers     Linear Patterning     Helix     Hole Shadow
Parallel Offsets     Thread     Trimming     Other

Overview     Vanishing Points     Perspective Cube
Linear Transformation     Rotation     Axial Rotation     Move Points
Points     Lines     Circles & Arcs
Regular Polygon & Spirals     Block Out     Camera
Parallel Offset & Thicken      Offset Line     Fillet     Protractor

Overview     Lines     Circles & Arcs     Brush

Overview & Tools

Doors & Windows
Overview     Keynotes     Detail Indicator     Elevation Indicator     Detail Title     Plan Title
Slope    Stair   Fence Post   Auto Turn    Shingle     Electrical Symbols
Panel     Lumber     Hinge Indicator     Insulation Fill     Armor Cable     People     Door     Window

Composite Wall Tools
Overview   Drawing Tools

Nuts & Bolts
Overview     Nuts & Bolts 3D     Hole     Tapped Hole     Hole Pattern
I-Shape     Tubing     Rectangular Tubing     Channel     Angle     Tee
Thread     Screw Thread      Rod       Hex Rod      Involute Spline     Spur Gear     Nut     Cotter Pin     Washer     Lock Washer
Screw     Cap Screw     Sheet Metal Screw     Wood Screw     Deck Screw     Rivet     Bolt     Lag Bolt     Anchor Bolt
Threaded Rod     Welding Symbol     Gusset Plate     Shear Tab     Clip Angle     Cope     Centroid

Special Curves
Spirals     Faired Curve     Exponential Curve     Superellipse     Dogbone Fillet

Overview     Importing     Shapefiles     Drawing Benchmark     Topo Point   Section Profile   Find Contours

Tree & Shrubs


Squiggle      Match     Other

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