Al Aitken


A view from the right side showing the leading edge alignment string coming from the left side across the wood plug knife edge to the right #14 template chord line



Glued build-up pieces of spruce to bottom edges of intermediate leading edge ribs to ensure proper dimension to front wing spar



Prepared special plywood doubler pads for intermediate rib #2 to properly hold brackets for aileron cable pulleys



Held aileron cable pulleys in proper position as guides for drilling by using the “double masking tape” method.  This method involves placing masking tape on the rib in the area of the bracket placement and marking the bracket position on the tape.  Then I placed masking tape on the back surface of the bracket and placed the bracket in its proper position on the dimension lines.  Holding the bracket in the correct position, I used instant glue to glue the masking tape pieces together which locked the bracket in place for drilling.  After drilling, the masking tape was removed from the rib and then the bracket to leave “perfectly” drilled bracket holes



A good close-up view of the special plywood doubler for the aileron cable pulley bracket



 A good close-up view of the double masking tape method




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