Luigi Aldini


A very nice moment: the propeller has just arrived. It's a new MT three-blade prop, with scimitar blades and composite construction. It's a new design, and we decided to buy a MT since it has a very good reputation among aerobatic pilots and air show performers. This three-blade design should give better performances during take-off and climb, and we shouldn't lose many knots in cruise speed.



Davide tries the spinner. It looks really beautiful.



Matilde checks seriously if everything is okay!



The moment has arrived. After all we thought that painting the tail at home wasn't exactly a good idea, not only for the powder and the bad smell. We got in touch with a professional painter and coachbuilder, Mr. Domeniconi, and we agreed to move the tail to his workshop, since he could perform the painting job in his spraybooth.

So the tail is leaving on the truck that Mr. Cari sent us.



Mr. Domeniconi and his helper sprayed one layer of primer and the sanding work started.




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