Luigi Aldini


And here is the 10.4" sun readable monitor with the touch-screen option. Jeppesen Flitemap is running on Windows XP OS. The nice of having such a system is the possibility to update and improve it. Next step will be to install the engine monitoring software that will show the engine instruments on a separate window. The computer is linked to the San Giorgio Monitoring system. We've also installed a GPRS modem that can download the meteorological informations directly into flitemap.



Davide working on the electrical system.



Working on the electrical system behind the panel. The Airpax breakers/switches are installed. On the right there are three military-styled Stacoswitch.



The circuit breakers.



The instrument panel is painted. We've choosen a light brown color. It's not a standard color, but we wanted a color that could match the brown interiors, and we've found a relaxing one.




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