Luigi Aldini


All the instruments but the g-meter installed. We decided to have a modern instrument panel, with a digital engine monitoring system and moreover a good moving map display.

In the marine field we use very nice systems produced by San Giorgio SEIN, of Genova. The young owners of this company, Marco and Massimo Manuelli are good friends and they produce instrumentation that is normally installed on large boats, and state-of-the art digital systems that are really easy to use. At the moment they are programming the software for this new aeronautical use, making us a custom system, to fit all our needs. The display is on the right end of the cockpit.

Regarding the moving map system, we decided to use the Jeppesen Flitemap software: you need a PC to run it, and Marco found us a very small PC (it runs on Windows XP) and a wide 10.4" sun-readable monitor with the touch-screen option.

On the monitor we'll see the flitemap navigation software (GPS-driven) engine informations on a custom software that will receive data from the engine monitoring system plus other useful information. Maybe later on we could add also an EFIS.

The instrument panel of the Falco is quite small for a 10.4" tft monitor, expecially if you have the radios in the middle. So we decided to install the monitor right in the front of the pilot's seat, thus moving the analog instruments slightly on the right.



The engine monitoring system. San Giorgio produces this systems for boats, but they have re-written part of the software to satisfy (our) aeronautical needs. They also gave us all the probes. The system has several pages and alarms: here I've choosen just three: the start page, the normal operation page and the CHT-EGT page. The system is also connected to the GPS and makes all the fuel computations, as fuel flow, endurance, range, and so on. It gives also the stall and gear warning: in the last case there are three conditions: gear not down, flaps not up and MAP < 20 hg. The display is also very bright and has a great viewing angle.

San Giorgio gave us also the voltmeter-ammeter that is over the monitoring system. It works flawlessly and has many functions including the percentage of battery load remaining.



One of the displays.



And another screen.



A view of the computer and the radios.




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