Luigi Aldini


Finally the wing is closed and is on the ground. It's starting to seem an airplane. It's a big emotion seeing all the wing in this position. There is still much work to do, but this is an important step.



We haven't glued the cockpit central flooring yet, since there is still much work to do below and the openings provide easy access.



Back to work. This time we have to make the fuselage jig. The first step we took was to level all the assembly and check for alignments.



This picture may be strange... and in fact it is. We wanted to fit the canopy to see dimension and modifications we had to do. The canopy is the one of I-TINI, a wonderful production Falco that was owned by Mr.Fogliani, that kindly lent us for this purpose. With the canopy it really seems an airplane!



Another closer view of the jig. The fuselage frames cutouts are sanded.



The jig is finished, and we put in position all the frames and the longerons. The fuselage may seem short, but we have already done the tail section, so we have only to do the first eight frames assembly.




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