Luigi Aldini


Frame number 2 diagonal. The Frame number 3 is smaller since it's going to host the instrument panel.



Another closer view of the first three frames.



The fuselage frame 6-7-8 are glued and sanded to the right shape. It's a pretty careful sanding, since the frame is squared, and you've to give it the right angle also with the longerons and the longerons cutouts.



Another view of these frames.



Here come the little modification we made to install the left hand throttle of an American warbird. I've been always liked left hand throttles as the ones used in the WW II fighters, but we gave it an Italian shape. To mount it, we had to add some wood also on frame n°5.



Here's how it looks! I've also modified the shape of the throttle and now it has also an "Italian shape"!




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