Gayl Boddy


Construction Continues

I sent pictures of my Falco project, in February and September 2002, which you put on your Internet site. This is an update set. I took pictures of the project outside of the garage, with the tail feathers. I started the construction in March 2000. I started the fuselage in December 2001.

Everything in my garage is on wheels which works out real well for needed space. The aircraft has been on wheels since I started with the fuselage beam. I used 4x6 blocks to support the plane when I don't want to move it. It worked well.

I have the skin on, up to frame 1 on both sides, and I have the NACA ducts roughed in. I'm holding off on the top and bottom front skin until I do the wing work. I have the nose wheel compartment lined with stainless. The firewall is on with 1/8" thick ceramic matte behind the stainless panel.

This weekend I fabricated the aileron ribs. My wife said "What, more Barbie crutches?" Your construction manual and drawings are very complete and easy to follow, which makes the project a real pleasure.-- Gayl Boddy



Gayl is building the fuselage first, without the wing, a common method for builders working in a small space.



The cockpit



The rudder pedals




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