Luigi Aldini


Finally comes the wing!

It's a real nice job, you start to see the shape of the plane, and you have the help of the manual!

A little variation from the manual here; we used a straight aluminum ruler. This helps a lot in preparing and gluing the ribs to the wing spar and to the leading edge strip.



Gluing the intermediate ribs to the wing spars. We had some problem in positioning the forward wing spar correctly. It doesn't have axis, and a minimum mistake gives you a lot to think.

It's important to have a couple of long clamps!



In this way the aluminum bar keeps the ribs in position, and you can work easily. You can see also that the red string not disturbed.



Here we have the BIG alignment! No problem at all, if you have positioned everything correctly.

The bar is used for the same purpose of the leading edge; on the tape is located the correct location of each rib.



This jig is a really good idea! In a weekend all of the ribs were installed!



Gluing everything up is really easy -- and finally you see the shape!



The wing with the ailerons and flaps in position.




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